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Subtitle Fantastic Four [2021]

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subtitle Fantastic Four


Brad Gullickson: By the time we reach the fourth Avengers film, we will have witnessed 21 interconnected movies in the MCU cycle. We will have ventured multiple times to the cosmos, the dark dimension, the micro-verse, and Planet Hulk. We are ready to get real weird, bring on the Multiverse.

It's been rough for Galactus lately. Once the most powerful, and most feared, supervillain in the Marvel Universe, the World-Eater has since been effectively dunked on by multiple forces. In the miniseries Fantastic Four: Antithesis, the story's subtitle is more than merely an ominous moniker but the name of a new, cosmic supervillain. And as Marvel's First Family learns more about their newfound antagonist, the foe makes short work of Galactus while on his way to Earth.

First up, not long after I published last month's update my editor at Unbound came to me with a proposal they'd cooked up internally for a change to the book's subtitle. Before I tell you what that is, let's step back a moment for context. The original subtitle I'd come up with was Independent Game Development at the Dawn of the Internet, which reflected the origins of my idea for an expanded, multiplatform, book-length take on a chapter I wrote for The Secret History of Mac Gaming about the Mac shareware scene. In that book I really focused heavily on game developers, and so I figured that if I were to write a similar book on the shareware scene then I should put that right into the title.

Not just "heroes" of the shareware movement, the people in my book were renegades. They shunned the traditional order of software sales and distribution. They invented new ways to operate and to reach their audience, and their ideas uprooted the traditional models they had defied. Now we have a subtitle that fits it to a T.

In the meantime I've also been finalising the library of photos and scans that we have to draw from to integrate into the chapter text (where we'll also have a smattering of screenshots to help you visualise some of the games that you're reading about) and to use in the colour plate section we'll have in the middle of the book. Shareware game development tended to be such a solitary pursuit that most people don't have any relevant photos, but the pictures I have been sent are fantastic. I'm pushing for the inclusion of some pictures of shareware media, too, like floppy disks and game boxes and official hint books and the covers of books that were dedicated to the shareware scene, as I think these showcase the variety and diversity of shareware in a more tactile form. Case in point, here are two photos of registered versions that were manually copied onto the disks by their creators:

The Beat That My Heart Skipped (Unrated). This remake of James Toback's cult classic Fingers (1978) revolves around a 28 year-old Parisian who would prefer to pursue his dream of becoming a concert pianist rather than follow in his shady father's footsteps. In French, Mandarin, Russian, and English with subtitles.

The Beautiful Country (R for profanity and a crude sexual reference). Post-war saga about the socially-ostracized love child (Damien Nguyen) of an American soldier (Nick Nolte) and a geisha girl. The son makes his way from Vietnam to America in search of his long-lost father. In Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese and English with subtitles.

The life and times of a Danish drug dealer in trouble with dangerous colleagues. The action is horrific at times, but it adds up to a vigorous message about the hazards of a criminal life. In Danish, with subtitles

Feeling himself a perpetual outsider because of his small stature and moody temperament, a law-office assistant strikes up emotionally charged relationships with an aging opera singer and a young circus performer. Thual's sensitive acting and Le Moine's imaginative directing don't quite manage to steer this Belgian melodrama around pitfalls of sentimentality and sensationalism. In French with English subtitles

This omnibus-style film traces the fictional history of a superbly crafted violin, and the mystery attached to it, as it passes from 17th-century Italy to China during the Cultural Revolution, with stops in Austria and England along the way. Girard invests each episode of this production with dramatic credibility and emotional strength. In four languages, with English subtitles when appropriate. *** Lushly scored, unusual, leisurely paced, rewarding, haunting.

The main character of this French drama is a young woman who has far more interest in sex than her celibate boyfriend does. More cautionary than titillating. Contains extremely graphic sexual activity, some of it deliberately disturbing. In French with English subtitles

Assailed by poverty and unemployment, a Belgian teenager makes a series of desperate efforts to get a regular job, hoping for a normal life. This hard-edged drama has less urgency than "La Promesse," the brilliant 1996 feature by the Dardenne brothers, but it carries a strong emotional charge along with its valuable reminder of the suffering that youngsters may undergo when a heedless society overlooks their needs. In French with English subtitles

The title character is a 13-year-old girl whose 27-year-old mother is trying to raise her right, but keeps running into emotional and psychological problems. Sensitive acting and skillful directing make the drama quietly touching despite some harrowing moments. In Flemish with English subtitles.

Amazingly creative filmmaking propels this anything-goes tale of a young woman who has just 20 minutes to save her boyfriend's life by raising a huge amount of cash. Tykwer's style gives the movie an explosive energy that never quits, marking him as the most ingenious new talent to hail from Germany in ages. Contains violent action. In German with English subtitles **** Nonstop, full of surprises, fun, philosophical.

A real-estate agent, a Paris apartment, and a shifting web of romantic feelings spark this lighthearted comedy-drama. The results are diverting at times, but have none of the interest or resonance of Resnais classics like "Night and Fog" or "Last Year at Marienbad." In French with English subtitles

Reissue of a minor classic of Polish cinema from 1965, restored to its full length. Stories grow out of other stories during the frequently dreamlike experiences of an 18th-century military officer who enters a series of fantastic adventures after finding a mysterious old book. In Polish with subtitles

A savvy businesswoman gets a crush on a man who's wildly different in age and social status, with emotionally complicated results. Huppert remains an exceptionally gifted actress, and few directors surpass Jacquot's deep interest in exploring female characters. This rather perfunctory French drama never quite catches fire. In French with subtitles

A young biologist investigates the enigmatic death of her father and uncovers a complex web of family intrigue. Rivette's supremely elegant style lends unique appeal to this briskly acted, immaculately filmed mystery. In French with English subtitles

Two schoolgirls learn lessons about life, loyalty, and sexuality while growing up in a Swedish town. An amiable if undistinguished example of the coming-of-age genre that European filmmakers never seem to tire of. In Swedish with English subtitles

The sensory pleasures of music are at the heart of this gentle tale about the daily life of a 10-year-old blind boy who may find himself homeless if his carefree ways make him lose his job as an instrument tuner. The movie's exquisitely filmed images reconfirm Makhmalbaf as one of Iran's most poetic filmmakers. In Farsi with English subtitles

Darkly satirical tale of a comfortable French family that sinks into a morass of self-destructive perversity. The movie's critique of middle-class hypocrisy carries a morbid kick. It's so heavily influenced by the vastly superior films of Luis Buuel that his name should appear over the title. Contains explicit sexual material. In French with English subtitles

KALAMAZOO--The Japan Foundation's spring 2010 film festival will begin Wednesday, Jan. 20, and feature four new films from Japan. All of the films being shown during the free, public festival are in Japanese with English subtitles.

Western Michigan University is hosting the festival over four Wednesdays in its Little Theater, located at the corner of Oakland Drive and Oliver Lane. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and the films will start at 7 p.m.

The Teratoid Guide attempted to list all magazines concerning any type of "fantastic" films that had been published in various countries up to and including 1973. Its subtitle was "The International Guide to Magazines dealing with Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films". This admirably ambitious project did not long survive. [GSt] 041b061a72


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