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Sam Broadcaster Activation Key [UPDATED]

-v2016.1 (17 March 2016) * SAM Broadcaster PRO and Live-DJ now supports importing requests directly from Cloud. * PAL scripting updates: TCloudApi, RequestPolicy.Mode. See PAL scripting reference for details. * Fixed issues with SAM crashing when no sound device is present while using VoiceFX. * Fixed rare floating point overflow issue inside VU meters. * Fixed issues with UTF-8 Encoding in STWCUE HTML Output events and instream STWCUE packets. * SAMCloud: Prompt when logging in to an active session. Also fixed signout bug. * SAMCloud: Refresh Request List Button will pull current request from API. * Clockwheel debugging option added to Category Rotation Module. * Product version added to activation window. * GUI improvments. * New version detection improvements. * Fixed weird issue with seeing track on decks if you clicked on it with both left and right mouse buttons. * SAM Broadcaster Cloud branding changes. * Licensing system updates.

Sam broadcaster activation key

-v2013.2 (28 February 2013) * Automatic Reactivation for expiring keys * Fix for SAM sticking decks bug. * Fix for process priority being set to invalid states in Windows NT 6.x. * Fix for failed activations due to invalid home path * Fix memory leaks in Web calls

-v2013.1 (25 January 2013) * Updated 2013 splash screen graphics * Better looking activation screen. * Much improved manual activation process. * Code-signed EXE with updated certificate * Copyright message year updated to 2013 * Proper SAM LITE support * Fix a SAM freeze bug * Fix activation issue where directory does not exist yet to store license file.

-v2013.0 (12 December 2012) * Windows 8 compatibility. * All new product key and activation system. * Improved stability in multi-CPU environments. * HTML Encoding removed from CDATA XML fields in stwCue.

-v4.9.2 (14 September 2011) * Added SpacialNet Encoder and SpacialNet Relays for easy configuration of SpacialNet stream hosting. * Fixed UTF-8 support in player decks, Song Info Editor & Search window. * Fixed double-play issue when custom XFade settings are applied. * Updated email address for activations. * Made all buttons fit properly on Edit time window. * Fixed issue when clicking on corner of Pause/Play button that button toggle did not happen. * Made more space for "Artist" label on Player as on XP it cut off slightly. * Improved URLEncoding for HTMLOutput parser. * Added maximum limits for Wowza stats where supported. * Fixed "0-9" filter on samPHPweb template. * Few more example PAL scripts provided. * Fixed issue where "Remove from All" was incorrectly disabled.

-v4.7.4 (10 January 2011) * Brand new samPHPweb implementation. * Brand new static HTML pages design for samHTMLweb. * Upgraded table structures to be compatible with latest version of MySQL. * Upgraded FireBird engine to v2.5 * Use full PHP tags in writing samPHPweb and SAMReporter config file. * Suppport for 64bit installer. * Increased storage size for TrackNo field. * Fixed broken ASCAP CSV report. * Fixed progress report in Queue on large updates while using FireBird engine. * Updated EULA. * Added utility shortcuts. * Fixed activation issue. * Improved MySQL and FireBird detection.

-v4.6.0 (7 September 2009) * New AndoMedia Targeted Ad-Injector encoder (MP3). * Added default layout for 1280x1024 screen size. * Automatic de-activation during uninstall process. * Added trial and special offer registration process. * Updated Wowza stats server support for new CDATA entries. * Added error checking for "ThreadSock" error condition so encoder can automatically recover. * Vista improvements - More Vista / Windows7 friendly handling of Registry entries. - Removed Kernel Streaming which is no longer supported by Vista. - Fixed Mic/Line-in dialog for Vista.


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