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I Have A Junior! Online Gratuito

This stamp (the federal duck stamp) is required for all waterfowl hunters, including those who are not required to purchase a hunting license. Hunters under the age of 16 are exempt. The federal duck stamp must be signed in ink to be valid. If you order your stamp online, , you will receive a purchase code. If you purchase your stamp from a sport license agent, Department of Natural Resources online licensing, or a Department of Natural Resources Licensing and Registration Center, you will receive a printed receipt. Both the purchase code and the printed receipt will be accepted as evidence of the purchase for 45 days and must be possessed while hunting waterfowl and coots. The paper stamp will be mailed to the purchaser. The proof of purchase will expire after 45 days after which purchaser must then possess the stamp, signed in ink, while hunting waterfowl and coots. The federal duck stamp does not have to be attached to the hunting license.

I Have A Junior! Online Gratuito

Hunters not required to have a license must obtain a free DNRid number and a free Maryland Big Game Harvest Record if they intend to hunt deer or turkeys. These items may be obtained from a Department of Natural Resources Service Center, Department of Natural Resources Sport License agent or online at

The Free & Reduced Application is completed online at the link below. If needed, paper copies of the application are available at each school. When you enter the site via the link below, you will have the option to view the application in multiple languages. Once the application is processed, you will receive notification of benefit determination via email as long as you have a valid email address listed in Infinite Campus. In the absence of a valid email address, the determination will be mailed to your home address on file in Infinite Campus.

While registering your PRONTO card is not required to participate in YOP, it is highly encouraged should you lose your card. (Riders who use the app will automatically have their virtual card registered to their name/email on the account.) Riders can register their card online at, over the phone (619-595-5636 or in-person (MTS Transit Store or NCTD Customer Service Center).

Additionally, all youth who wish to retain their Youth eligible status beyond July 31, 2023 should verify their eligibility at the MTS Transit Store or NCTD Customer Service Centers one time prior to July 31, 2023 (an online option will also be available). Once verified, youth will have their eligibility extended until their 19th birthday.

Las licencias, sellos y validaciones se pueden comprar en línea:, número gratuito: 1-888-248-6866 y por venta directa con cualquier proveedor de licencias o en la oficina del NMDGF.

The online course, alone, is NOT a qualification for a hunter education certificate. Once you have completed an online course, you will still need to attend a 4-hour follow up class with a certified Hunter Education Instructor. Access is permitted to the 4-hour follow-up class only after a student has completed the written Home Study or Online component of the class.


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