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City Patrol: Police [Crack Serial Key

the concentrated policing approach that began in south central los angeles in 1980 and spread to other cities, was successful in three ways. first, the police were able to stop violent crime. second, most of the initial crackdowns concentrated in targeted areas. and, third, the sheer number of police and police vehicles operating in certain neighborhoods made the public more aware of police in their communities, less likely to run from police, and generally less likely to commit crime. the los angeles police department, with community involvement in its redevelopment, is one of the few agencies that successfully implemented and sustained a concentrated policing approach. in the late 1970s, the city had over 2,000 patrol officers, concentrated in four tactical commands. each of the four commands was responsible for a sector of the city. weeding out weak supervisors and problems that infected the entire department, the chief's commands were staffed with good officers at just the time the city's crime was declining. the new approach seemed to generate the kind of police-community trust that is an essential ingredient in effective policing. and the department's innovative community policing approach began to spread to other cities.

City Patrol: Police [Crack Serial Key

since the 1980s, however, the militaristic ethos permeating much u.s. law enforcement policy has spawned a misguided "war on drugs," pushing many local police departments to adopt a similar concentrated policing approach. critics charge that these departments have taken a one-size-fits-all approach to policing and the "war on drugs," focusing on the wrong places and the wrong population, while ignoring the social causes of crime and chaos.

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